Environmental contamination has an endgame.


Our Co-Founder, Dr. Ray Sambrotto, with a bag full of microbes ready for work.

Harvesting the power of Nature, Allied Microbiota develops advanced microbes to clean-up environmental contamination faster, more sustainably, and more cost-effectively than traditional remediation methods.  

The relocation of contaminated soil to landfills is the go-to remediation method for many landowners. This method is not only energy-intensive, but companies remain liable for the toxic material as the contaminant is merely moved, not degraded. Allied Microbiota uses microbes to clean difficult contaminants such as chlorinated compounds, like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), petroleum products, and dioxins from the soil—turning brownfields into greenfields. We don’t bury the problem. We solve it.


The United States has over 450,000 brownfield sites containing over 100 billion tons of contaminated soil—less than 0.1% of this toxic soil is being treated.

We've got a lot of work to do.

And we know how to do it.


We work with industries and funding agencies that share a desire for a better tomorrow.

Watch our introduction at IndieBio's Fall 2020 Demo Day


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