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How the science works

We developed a heat-loving microbe that breaks down contaminants at a fraction of the cost and significantly faster than traditional methods.

We call it ThermO+ It feeds on Oxygen and toxic compounds leaving water and CO2 behind. 

How we're different.

The remediation of soils is critical for better health and re-development, but current methods only go as far. Some chemicals have resisted break down for decades.


ThermO+™  can take on this challenge and break down these long-standing chemicals now. Faster. Cheaper.

We do not transfer the contaminants. We break them down.

Our technology works across a panel of contaminants.

We provide fast and cheap on-site applications.

We facilitate the virtuous cycle of restoring contaminated land to productive use. 

Core Benefits

We are game changers.

Site cleans ups can be expensive, but our technology makes this possible for companies, developers, and communities. We aim and strive to create cleaner, healthier, and productive areas around the world. Make  ThermO+™ your fast, affordable, and go-to solution for a cleaner tomorrow.

Let's connect.

We would love to help you make your soil better. 

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